I’m an American writer living in the U.K. and last spotted here.

I worked as an investigative reporter for the better part of the past decade, chiefly at Willamette Week in Portland, Oregon, and at its sister paper in New Mexico, the Santa Fe Reporter.

More recently I was editor-in-chief of the upstart global photo and news agency, Demotix, based in London. Then Bill Gates took over.

Now I’m working on a book. I also host The No Noise Newscast.

I’ve written for Foreign Policy, Slate, Salon, The Awl, The American Prospect and the Bangkok Post, among others. I’ve appeared on NPR, Al Jazeera English, CBS News and on many local radio and TV programs around the U.S.

In years past I worked at newspapers in Augusta, Georgia and Bangkok, Thailand, both of which folded. I also worked at a magazine, the Columbia Journalism Review in New York City, which is still publishing albeit not so frequently as it once did.

I do any number of things to put off writing, such as bookmarking articles I might evenutally read, or taking pictures.

I also build websites.

In 2010, I founded War Is Business, a website that covers military contracting and the arms trade, and which aims to put names and faces on war profiteers the world over. At last count the site had 3,100 profiles on American and international companies that profited from the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Libya.

I do have an account on Twitter, but it only aggravates me. I’m on Github too. But the best way to reach me is by email, here.