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  • No Noise News: Occasional interview podcast.

  • War Is Business: A website covering military contracting and the arms trade, with profiles of 3,100 American and international companies that profited from the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Libya. Est. 2010, undergoing redevelopment.

  • Actually Journalism: A website that exists to mock “explainer” journalism, a.k.a. “actually” journalism. The phrase describes an ascendent form of anti-journalism based not upon asking questions but upon the regurgitation of received wisdom. It is insufferably presented, such that any paragraph might begin with the nasal intonation, “Well, actually…”

  • The Bezos-Post Conflict-of-Interest Crayon: A browser bookmarklet that highlights potential or actual conflicts of interests in Washington Post stories that reference the paper’s new owner, Jeff Bezos, or his outside holdings.

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