Bookmark Black Hole 7-15-2013

I figured that instead of just letting things vanish forgotten into my Instapaper account (the Black Hole), I may as well share some of the stuff I’m reading, or at least trying to get around to reading.

You don’t start an insurgency against a powerful beast like our NatSec state without knowing what the fuck you’re doing, without a politics and a well thought-out set of strategies and allies and such.

Too late now!

On a related note,


Back in the day, Greider wrote the book on the Fed.

The tech cultists won’t wise up until Google figures out how to replace web developers with robots, too.


I’ve got to check out this guy’s book.

The context, American friends, is that the future Queen consort’s dim sister received an outrageous sum to publish what turned out to be a hilariously banal book on party planning. A sample of the reliably amusing @pippatips:

“#PippaTip: writing is like speaking but where you make words with a pen or a keyboard instead of with your mouth”

Legal formality.

“You eat just a date skin on each of the first three days…and for the next three days you eat the meat.

“Then you suck one date stone each day until day nine.

“Unless you get to water on the 10th day you’re going to die though.”