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I’m trying something a little different this time.

Soothing miscellany

“He periodically ran for president of the world, always unopposed.”

Paris Review interview with Ken Kesey

Grey Lady, right on schedule, catches on to a scene many months after the ’60 Minutes’ segment

Biden narrowly avoids monkey attack

“On the ‘Hippie Trail’ through Afghanistan to India, 1967-1979”

“Recovering Submerged Worlds”

“Long Before Trees Overtook the Land, Earth Was Covered by Giant Mushrooms”

“Suspected Cemetery of Vampires Located in Poland”

“Floating tea bags brewing ghost fears”

Troubling miscellany

“Burma: The Despots and the Laughter by Jonathan Mirsky”

“Darrell Issa’s Got a Plan to Put the Postal Service in a Death Spiral”

No love for the Postal Clause

“Are Your Distressed Jeans Worth a Dead Chinese Worker?”

“An Ominous Alliance: Militiamen Showing Up in Wisconsin as Mining Co. ‘Security'”


“Ira Glass’s fact problem”

“A China labour watchdog has accused Pegatron, a big supplier to Apple, of employing underage workers and pressuring employees to work illegal overtime…”

“Hauling New Treasure Along the Silk Road”


Snowden’s lawyer is no Floyd Abrams

“He portrays himself and is being portrayed by the Kremlin as an independent actor and one of the pillars of the Russian legal community,” [Tanya Lokshina of Human Rights Watch] said, adding that he was “one of those figures whom the Kremlin pushes forward when accused of stifling civil society.”

How the U.S. government shut down a top investigative reporter at its most serious newspaper

“Unwilling to testify, Mr. Risen may end up in jail. Meanwhile, the distractions and the continued scrutiny of government investigators — sure to make sources skittish — have hurt his ability to do his job.”

The End of National Security Reporting?

“Does the State Department have access? Has the White House? Do political operatives have access? The very likely answers are ‘yes’, ‘yes’ and ‘yes’.”

“Schneier on Security: Details on NSA/FBI Eavesdropping”

“Ex-CIA chief: What Edward Snowden did”

“Chinese firm Huawei controls net filter praised by PM”

“‘We Track ’Em, You Whack ’Em’ became a motto for one NSA unit”

“Now Fliers Can Keep Their Shoes On — If They Let Big Brother Inspect Their Big Data”

“Does the Right to Privacy Now Apply Only to the US Government?”

“Porn, privacy and being a teenager”

All the money

“Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives”

“Ladders of opportunity,” everyone!

“Philanthropic colonialsism” and “conscience laundering”

Interesting considering the source

How a newspaper dies

My hope was that things would turn around. I think we were all hopeful to get the racetrack back. We all remember the days of having 5,000 people in Raton for the weekend. The days when all the shops were full, the restaurants had a waiting list; all the hotels and motels had to turn people away.

We remember the days with 500+ miners went to work every day and spent their money in Raton.

Those days are gone. My company is saddled with so much debt that it would take the glory days of advertising revenue to pay it back. I don’t see that happening in the near future.

“Mumbai slums are getting expensive”

Strike! Magazine

My friend Daniel Simpson contributes.

“US charges five with $300m credit card fraud”

“Italian police conduct mafia crackdown”

“The Latest Census of Global Fortunes: Mo’ Money for the 1%”

“How Does the Ruling Class Feel When It Rules?”

“Study: Extreme conservatives make happier people”

“Shocking ‘Extermination’ Fantasies By the People Running America’s Empire on Full Display at Aspen Summit”

“Strauss-Kahn to stand trial for ‘aggravated pimping'”

“US colonel caught smuggling carved ivory from Kenya”

“Hush Money? – Documents offer new insight on a federal investigation of former Gov. Bill Richardson”

“London Mayor Boris Johnson Sparks Berlin Debate on Sex in Public”

“Johnson…seems to know that the laughter that surrounds him is a substitute for thought rather than its conduit, and that puts him at a wonderful advantage.”

How land grabs work in London

“The World In Time: Britain’s American Mistake”


“SEC Charges Texas Man With Running Bitcoin-Denominated Ponzi Scheme”

“In 20 Years, We’re All Going To Realize This Apple Ad Is Nuts”

“False memory planted in mouse’s brain”

Microsoft drove the bus off the cliff, now it tries to speed up

Reprehensible “Voice of Generation Y” website turns out to be a fraud

Internet search causes trouble for Mormons

“Dronestagram is the first social network for flying robot photography”

“Lonely Planet: This is Not the End”

“Information Consumerism: The Price of Hypocrisy”

“List of inventors killed by their own inventions”

Look, it’s an app to keep track of which TV shows you’ve watched!

… if you watch a lot of television, it’s worth every penny.

If you need an app to keep track of your TV shows, maybe you should watch less TV. How’s that for a life hack?