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Skip the first half of the first section if you’re sick of reading about Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post.

Disruption, cont.

Post reporters complained afterward that [Katharine Graham’s father, Eugene] Meyer “went over their articles and changed them so that their writers were all disgusted.”


“You’re sort of like a robot, but in human form,” said the Amazon manager. “It’s human automation, if you like.”

Jang is a controversial figure. He may or may not believe that he’s the second coming of Christ, according to an investigation by the evangelical magazine Christianity Today, but apparently many of his followers are convinced that he is.

Smart guy.

This is my favorite feature in Charles Pierce’s Esquire blog.

In an e-mail to the Erik Wemple Blog, Risen notes that Holder hadn’t responded to the request. That’s why Risen and his counsel decided to release the letter.

To call this anything but a political prosecution is naïve in the extreme.

The law won

The first story by my friend and former colleague Mariah Blake at her new gig at Mother Jones confirms what many suspected.

If you have to ask…

A book excerpt.

I always enjoy a Michael Lewis story.

Brave new world

Let us hope this technology is used for fun instead of evil.

Yet another reason to stay away from the City while in London.

Doom and gloom with a dose of defensive Baby Boomer self-exculpation from Dave Winer, the creator of RSS.

Over there

This BBC documentary is a good primer on the weird MEK cult and its American friends.

“In the early years of the fifties, the Communist Party always emphasized class struggle, and getting rid of feudal influences. Now they never talk about it. Instead they talk about national revival – the hundred years of humiliation under Western imperialism, and how the Party saved China from it.”

In 1919, Ho Chi Minh was a 29-year old Vietnamese nationalist living in Paris. Like nationalists across the colonized world, Ho was inspired by the words of Woodrow Wilson around national self-determination… He was not alone. Nationalists in Africa, China, and India also held onto Wilson’s words as a great promise. Of course what none of these people knew was that Wilson was a white supremacist…


Includes a video of Henry Rollins on selling out.

The second monkey attack happened after his wife locked him in a cage with one.

This argument does not seem very convincing, but there it is.

Heating with Radium.

Everything else is not too far from the mark.

In England we find dogs that were named Sturdy, Whitefoot, Hardy, Jakke, Bo and Terri … Purkoy … Colle, Talbot and Gerland … Troy, Nosewise, Amiable, Nameles, Clenche, Bragge, Ringwood and Holdfast.

Meanwhile, in Switzerland a list of 80 dogs that took part in a shooting festival in the year 1504 has been preserved. They reveal the most popular name was Furst (Prince). Other names included Venus, Fortuna, and Turgk. Some dogs got their names from the work being done by their owners: Hemmerli (Little Hammer) belonged to a locksmith, while Speichli (Little Spoke) belonged to a wagoner.

Ah, simpler times! Except for plague, famine, war, etc.

My favorite is “Nosewise.”