The Not-So-Secret Evilness Of Upworthy

I’ll be doing most of my news-of-the-day-type blogging — the kind of posts that went under the “reading” tag here — at No Noise News. It’s easier to post those kinds of quick-hit items there, although when my comments grow to a certain size, I will link to them here, as well.

Such is the case with this item about Upworthy’s deal with Unilever, which is just about the most cynical thing I can imagine. It’s just the sort of shameless audience abuse that inspired me to start No Noise News in the first place.

Also, episode No. 2 of The No Noise Newscast, in which I interview David Cay Johnston about inequality and corporate cash hoarding, went up yesterday. Please give a listen. Email me to suggest future interview subjects or to request an account for commenting, voting and story submissions.