News From Nowhere Ep. 02

What If Trump Wins?


Apocalypse, coup d’etat or four more years of mulligans and ineptitude? The most likely outcomes of a Trump presidency considered.

Notes And Links

Ronald L. Feinman article, “The Constitutional Crisis We’d face If Donald Trump Actually Became President”

New York Times article that leads with Hillary Clinton’s “apocalypse” quip

Anne Applebaum’s nightmares come alive in the Washington Post

My blog post, “Trump Means It: Time To Make Plans For The American Nightmare Scenario”

Student video by Dustin Wynn and Peteros Mekonnen, “Forcing Muslims to Wear Badges,” and the write-up by AlterNet

Brookings fellow and Lawfare blogger Benjamin Wittes’ essay on “Trump as National Security Threat”