News From Nowhere Ep. 03

When Nerds Get Flirty… With Fascism


This episode contrasts one jock hero, Colin Kaepernick, and one recently outed-as-nefarious nerd, Palmer Luckey, a Facebook executive and founder of Oculus VR.

I noticed only after mixing and uploading the episode that I mistakenly said “pledge of allegiance” instead of “national anthem” when discussing Kaepernick’s protest. I do realize there’s a difference and if you nag me about it I may invite you to work for free as my sound editor and production intern.

Notes And Links

Daily Beast story exposing Palmer Luckey as a key funder of a pro-Donald Trump “shitposting” operation

A few links on the relevant Reddit board notoriously populated by neo-Nazis

Luckey’s official corporate non-apology

Bemused UK Telegraph profile of Luckey

Gizmodo item about Luckey and his Gamergater girlfriend

New York magazine post I quoted, with links to other sources

Luckey credits his success to home-schooling

One more crusty old asshole moans about Colin Kaepernick