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I figured that instead of just letting things vanish forgotten into my Instapaper account (the Black Hole), I may as well share some of the stuff I’m reading, or at least trying to get around to reading.

You don’t start an insurgency against a powerful beast like our NatSec state without knowing what the fuck you’re doing, without a politics and a well thought-out set of strategies and allies and such.

Too late now!

On a related note,


RIP Michael Hastings, A Genuine Journalist

This is terrible news.

I knew Michael Hastings only by email and Twitter and of course by reputation. I’d looked forward to meeting him one day. This morning I’m sad to know that won’t happen, sad for his family and friends and sad that we’ve lost another good reporter.

I’ve known some courageous reporters, who can get to the bottom of things, and some good writers, who can keep you reading to the end. Hastings had both talents going for him and that was enough to set him apart. But he had more to admire.

Few journalists seemed so eager to confront the real problems facing the United States—versus the distractions served up by the weekly war of talking points—as Hastings.

He had that rare combination of career success and intellectual honesty. So often one eventually snuffs out the other, but Hastings was having a great run, even after moving to Buzzfeed, which was a gamble at the time but probably a smart one.

Hastings was hated by Beltway climbers and establishment bootlickers because he wouldn’t play ball.
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