Black Sheep Down

Use It and Abuse It

Extreme Ownership tails the Hollywood success of American Sniper, which was based on the memoir of late Navy SEAL and serial fabulist Chris Kyle, who served with Willink and Babin in the 2006 Battle of Ramadi. The authors gamely puff up their “liberation” of that pivotal Iraqi city as an unalloyed success story and a vindication of the Iraq war…

When the book came out in October 2015, ISIS had controlled Ramadi for five months.

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Sex, Booze And Bribery

Jaw-Droppingly Tawdry Federal Corruption Case Involves Oregon Contractor.

Sky Research has received some $160 million in federal contracts since 2004.

The most shocking allegation in the investigators’ affidavits is that [U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contracting officer Jerry] Hodgson favored Sky Research not only because of his close personal friendship with its owner, but because Sky repeatedly hired female employees for Hodgson and encouraged them to let Hodgson pursue them sexually.

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Spying the Friendly Skies

Drone aircraft used for recon in Afghanistan are now in Portland.

An unclassified 2011 U.S. Air Force document revealed Portland’s status as a drone home. …

A spokesman for U.S. Special Operations Command listed as the drone operator told WW in an email that the Air Force map contained inaccurate information. “U.S. Special Operations Command does not have nor will it have [a drone] base in Portland,” wrote deputy public affairs officer Ken McGraw.

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Wireless Waste

Portland schools have had to spend $172,000 fighting a parent’s lawsuit over Wi-Fi.

One Morrison expert PPS attorneys have had to depose is Barrie Trower, who claims he worked on a “stealth” microwave warfare program for the British Navy (noting he had no rank because he refused promotions) and was assigned to a secret British prison housing “spies, dissidents, international terrorists [and] gangland killers.”

Trower claims a bachelor’s degree in physics earned in night classes, has been repeatedly turned down by Ph.D. programs, and says he recently traveled to consult with “the king in South Africa” on Wi-Fi dangers. (South Africa abolished the monarchy in 1961.)

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Fisherman’s Wrath

A campaign targeting gillnetters takes class war to the Columbia River.

Ihander lets the dying salmon fall to the deck, two thin strands of mesh still snagged around its gills, a dime-sized dab of blood below its eye.

“Nice fish there,” Ihander says. “Six dollars a pound, 17 pounds, $100 bill.”

The salmon’s tail slaps the deck one last time before it turns into money.

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A Newsman’s Secret

The woman with Bob Caldwell on the day he died works as an internet call girl.

“We went to the apartment and talked to neighbors and the woman’s mother,” [Oregonian editor Peter] Bhatia told readers. “We checked her criminal record… She has only minor offenses, none related to sex or prostitution.”

Bhatia’s account is far from the whole story.

The young woman Caldwell visited was a full-time call girl whom one admiring client, in an online review, called “the reigning princess of the West Hills.”

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The Evolution of Eileen Brady

From co-op to corporate boardroom, the making of a mayoral candidate.

“Women don’t tell their stories the same way as men do, and that’s OK,” Brady says. “If we can learn to tell our stories [more thematically], we can take power in a situation.”

Her story’s power has propelled Brady from a virtual unknown a year ago to the best-financed and most-talked-about candidate for mayor of Portland.

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Busted Ranks

New allegations from a former vice cop about the top brass.

A former vice cop is making new allegations of retaliation, lying and backbiting in the highest ranks of the Portland Police Bureau…
The suit raises serious questions whether one of the city’s top vice cops was punished for going off script when talking to the media about one of the most publicized crime issues of recent years—the city’s sex trade.

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From West Point To Pot Smuggler

A Third-Party Congressional Candidate’s Adventure

Reynolds’ résumé carries a distinction many candidates would omit:

He is probably the only West Point graduate to run for Congress after getting busted in Tennessee while attempting to smuggle 11 lbs. of weed across the country.

Reynolds says his chief qualification for the job is his willingness to tell the truth. Here’s how he related the story of his felony drug bust in our interview…

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